Intelligence Board: Are we living in a simulation?

Board created by tschiller on Sept. 9, 2016.
Elon Musk drew new attention to the simulation hypothesis in June, saying the probability we're living in a "base reality" is "one in billions".
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We are living in a simulation within one or more simulations
We are living in a simulation
We are living in one of many simulations
We are living in a base reality
Jan. 2, 2003 Nick Bostrom's original paper 'Are you living in a computer in a computer simulation?' Evaluate Consistent Consistent Neutral Inconsistent
The Open Worm project has so far been unable to simulate a whole C. Elegans worm Evaluate Neutral Neutral Neutral Consistent
The Unreal 4 video game engine is able to produce photorealistic landscapes Evaluate Consistent Consistent Consistent Neutral